Tombo Audio MEOW GR Electro-Acoustic device




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Meow GR is the very first of its kind. It is an Electro-Acoustic device that treats both acoustic and electric grounding.

Meow GR.The Ruby Red color will give a warm and rich music ambient.
Meow GR Titanium Black color will give a high dynamic range.

Key features

1. The result is background noise is completely silent while the soundstage is highly transparent. The width and depth of the soundstage have no limit. The soundstage image is so precise you could actually pinpoint each instrument.
2. After the noise is cleared, the frequency bandwidth is easily separated. The micro-detail and harmonic could be instantly perceived.
3. The most significant success of Meow is the improvement in dynamic range and dynamic impact. The difference in detail between loud and low voice is defined.
4. The final result of applying Meow is that we can perceive and experience the mood of music in fine detail and it draws us into the movement and the moment of the music.
5. Connect Meow Gr to the device with a ground cable. This will act as a gateway to release noise from the device faster.
Material : High Grade Aluminum Alloy

Color : Titanium Black/ Ruby Red

Dimension : 30.5 x 65 x 37.5 mm

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