Tombo Audio Magic Spike 04 (Set Of 4)




หมวดหมู่ : Tombo Audio

แบรนด์ : Tombo Audio


Magical Spike 04 is a revolutionary design concept. The main principle is to adopt the phase plug design and apply it into the spike. The funnel shape of the phase plug helps to dissipate the vibration from the speaker as quickly as possible. The cone shape also determines the direction of the vibration as well.

Key features

1. The phase plug is an essential component that promotes fast vibration dissipation, leading to a clear and clean background. Additionally, the micro details become more noticeable, and the sound stage widens and deepens.
2. Magical Spike 04 possesses a blend of vintage and contemporary traits in its audio characteristic, making it well-suited for any audio systems. Its warm ambient tone and expansive bandwidth make it a versatile choice for any audio setup.

Material : Steel Alloy
Color : Black Rhodium/ Silver
Dimension : 32 x 32 x 36 mm
Maximum load : 80 kg/ set

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