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The 606 S3 stand-mount speaker provides the ideal combination of size and performance. It combines our all-new Titanium Dome™ tweeter with the powerful accuracy and transparency of our acclaimed Continuum™ bass/midrange cone.

The new 606 S3 takes the award-winning 606 formula and evolves it. By complementing the Continuum cone and Titanium Dome tweeter with upgraded speaker terminals, and a subtly modernized design, 606 is now even more appealing to even more music lovers.

The new 606 S3 introduces our all-new Titanium Dome tweeter, which combines exceptional resolution and insight with smooth, refined high-frequency reproduction. The result? An accurate and immersive insight into your favorite music.

606 S3 introduces our new and even more acoustically transparent tweeter grille mesh, first developed for our revered Signature models. Alongside the new Titanium Dome tweeter, the resolution and realism is exceptional.
Thanks to its composite construction, the Continuum cone avoids the abrupt transitions in behavior that can impair the performance of a conventional drive unit. With 606 S3, experience a more open, neutral performance that delivers voices and instruments with precision and transparency.

2-way design
1" Decoupled Double Dome titanium tweeter
6-1/2" Continuum™ cone FST (Fixed Suspension Transducer) midrange/bass driver
bass-reflex cabinet with rear-firing Flowport™
frequency response: 52-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
sensitivity: 88 dB
impedance: 8 ohms
recommended amplifier power: 30-120 watts
dual binding post speaker terminals allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
optimized crossover design including upgraded capacitors
acoustically transparent, removable magnetic grille

7-1/2"W x 13-11/16"H x 12-15/16"D (including grille and terminals)
weight: 15.5 lbs. (each)

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