NAIM NPX300 Power supply


SKU : NA-106

หมวดหมู่ : NAIM

แบรนด์ : NAIM


Enhance your music experience by using the NPX 300 power supply. This power supply is ideal for the 200 Series sources and preamplifiers, including the NSC 222 streaming preamplifier. It works by deactivating the internal power supply, reducing noise, and improving power and performance. You can even connect multiple NPX 300 power supplies to enhance your audio experience further. Using this power supply allows the preamplifier to focus solely on controlling the signal, resulting in a superior quality of sound.

At Naim, we aim to create an emotional connection with music by crafting high-quality sound products. The NPX 300 includes innovative features, such as dedicated Burndy cables to separate digital and analogue power supplies.

The NPX 300 power supply is a flexible and silent upgrade for multiple Naim products. Its new transformer and DR technology power regulators provide a cleaner power supply with less noise for better sound quality. It works with the 200 Series products, NDX2, and the NAC-N 272 with specific cables.

Product type : Power supply

USB ports : Micro USB (update only)

Updates : 1 x USB socket (for update)

Power consumption in standby mode (deep sleep) : < 0.5W

Depth : 31.75 cm /
Height : 9.15 cm /
Width : 43.2 cm /
Weight : 14.4 kg /

Cables provided :
Power supply,
Type 4 Burndy Cable, Type 3 Burndy Cable.

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