NAIM NAC 332 Preamplifier


SKU : NA-104

หมวดหมู่ : NAIM

แบรนด์ : NAIM


Performance and versatility combined; the NAC 332 can be easily configured to suit your audio world. This preamplifier is the digitally controlled, analogue centre of your system. Every audio stage is meticulously designed using discrete transistors. The NAC 332 also features a precision fixed resistor volume control and a class-A headphone amplifier, with XLR and RCA outputs.

Crosstalk - Line :
Line: 90dB at 1kHz, volume at 0dB
(Line: 70dB at 20kHz, volume at 0dB)
Frequency response - line : Line: 3Hz to 40kHz -3dB
Distortion - Line :
Line: 0.003% @2.2V input volume at 0dB, 1kHz
(Line: 0.018% @2.2V input volume at 0dB, 20kHz).
Dominated by 2nd harmonic and noise
Product type : Preamplifier

Analogue gain :
Preamplifier at max volume: 15.5dB
Analogue inputs :
1 x 8-pin DIN (47kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5Vrms Max)
2 x 5-pin DIN (47kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5Vrms Max)
3 x RCA pair (47kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5Vrms Max)
2 x XLR balanced pair (100kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5V max)
8-pin DIN compatible with 5-pin DIN
8-pin DIN has +/-18V (for compatible external phono stages e.g. NVC TT)
Analogue outputs :
1 x XLR pair (balanced 10Vrms max)
1 x RCA pair (10Vrms max)
1 x 6.35mm headphone jack (1.5W into 16Ω)
Digital level :
2.2V A-wtd volume at 0dB
Headphone outputs : 1 x jack 6,35 mm
USB ports : 1x Micro USB socket (for updates)

Phono inputs (line) :
8 pin DIN has +/-18V for compatible external phono stages such as NVC TT

App control : Focal & Naim App
Control system : Zigbee RF bi-directive remote control
Updates : 1 x USB socket (for update)
User control product :
Height buttons fot quick access to standby, mute and inputs.
Volume control.

Power consumption in standby mode (deep sleep) : < 0.5W
Power consumption in standby mode : < 2W
Consumption in normal use : 20 W
Mains cable : PowerLine
Mains power supply : 100V, 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz

Depth : 31.75 cm / 12.5 in
Height : 9.15 cm / 3.62 in
Width : 43.2 cm / 17 in
Weight : 11 kg / 24.25 lb

Compatible cables : Super lumina
Power Supply Options :
NPX 300

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