Audio Bastion X-PAD REFERENCE Speaker spike pads shoes (Set of 8pcs)


SKU : AB-059

หมวดหมู่ : Audio Bastion

แบรนด์ : Audio Bastion


Audio Bastion Heavy Duty Levitation Feet for hi-fi.
Made from polished Stainless Steel, T6061 Aluminum, Zirconia Ceramic precision balls, plus Silicone Cushion to accurate tolerances. They are designed to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration in all hi-fi equipment. You will notice an immediate improvement to the sound quality. Typically, improved sound stage, harshness removed from high notes and more clarity, detail, and solidity. On AV equipment a clearer crisper picture will be seen as well.

Used properly, these feet will give you many years of reliable service and improved enjoyment of your beloved hi-fi equipment. For high-end audio this would be the most cost-effective upgrade you can make. I would not want to be without them, if you don’t agree, just send them back.
X-PAD REF Speaker spike pads
3-Layer Design, Kills bad vibration
Proudly Designed in the USA
Outer Diameter:50mm; Thickness:15mm;
T6061 Aluminum Platforms
Zirconia Precision Balls
Silicone Cushion Layer & Hand Polished Stainless Steel Base
Protects your floor from spike mark ( NOT RECOMMEND USE ON CARPET OR RUG)

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