Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Music System




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Can you imagine a life without music? Neither can we. With its slim
profile, SmartRadio tuner, inclusive streaming options and natural,
powerful sound, the new R2 has been designed to fit easily into your
life and surroundings and makes it easy to enjoy the music you love the
most. Like that first tea or coffee in the morning, R2 is an essential
element to creating a great day, all day and every day.
● Striking and natural sound quality
● Comprehensive Wi-Fi streaming
● New generation Bluetooth 5 receiver
● SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners
● Comprehensive dual alarms and sleep function
● Dedicated podcast source
The new R2 brings one of our longest-established models right up to
date, while retaining key features that made our original R2 a popular
music system since its launch in 2007. The most obvious change from its
predecessors is its slimmer footprint. Such elegant new proportions
allow R2 to be placed almost anywhere in the home and make it perfect
for a windowsill or bookcase.
The appearance of R2 is simple yet stunning. The
enclosure, with precise lines and soft contours, combines with the hand
crafted slatted wood grille to create a timeless retro-modern feel.
Along with its bonded glass display and our trademark RotoDial
controller, R2 is undoubtedly a Ruark design and the quality
remains clear.
Features at a Glance

Striking and dynamic sound quality
Spotify Connect*, Deezer & Amazon Music
New generation Bluetooth 5 receiver
SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners
Comprehensive dual alarms and sleep timer
Dedicated podcast source
Acoustically tuned and damped polymer cabinet
Adaptive EQ provides ideal sound at all volumes
Handcrafted slatted wood grille
High Fidelity Class A-B stereo amplifier
Ruark NS+ neodymium full range drivers
Enhanced stereo sound
Adjustable bass and treble settings

Intuitive Ruark RotoDial controller
Full control and search with free Oktiv control app
Optional remote control with 4 direct access presets
Presets to store favourite stations and playlists – 8 per source
USB-C port for MP3 playback and phone charging
Switchable analogue input for aux devices
Multilingual UI (EN, DA, NL, FR, DE, IT, NO, PL, ES, SV)
Headphone output memorises last used volume
Auto dimming full colour TFT display
Automatic standby after 20mins of inactivity
Power adapter: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz input, 14VDC 2A output
Dimensions: H185 × W340 × D150mm including RotoDial and aerial
Weight: 2.9kg

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