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Pull up a chair, take the weight off your feet. Stream something new or find those CDs you thought you had forgotten about and listen to something from a while back. The memories, in high definition detail, come flooding back. With R3S it’s time to discover again the music you love and just how enjoyable and relaxing listening can be through a system that will enhance your home and life.

Class leading audio with enhanced Stereo+ sound
Comprehensive Wi-Fi streaming
Quality slot loading CD player
Latest generation Bluetooth 5 receiver
SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners
Dedicated podcast source

Building upon its already impressive performance for 2023, R3 has been further refined and is now named R3S. Outwardly R3S retains the same beautiful compact design with its acoustically tuned handcrafted cabinet and high contrast O-LED display, but inwardly R3S features a powerful new processor and revised circuitry to deliver slicker performance and an even more engaging sound.

Driving the system is a dynamic High Fidelity amplifier combined with our custom NS+ drivers and for R3S we've now included STEREO+ sound processing which we developed for our limited edition R5 Signature. This creates a broader soundstage with depth and realism that extends way beyond R3S’s compact stature. Whatever your taste in music, R3S will fulfil the needs of even the most discerning listener.

Features at a Glance

Multi-format slot-loading CD player
Spotify Connect*, Deezer and Amazon Music
SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners
New generation Bluetooth 5 receiver
Comprehensive dual alarms and sleep timer
Dedicated podcast source
Class leading audio with enhanced Stereo+ sound
Adaptive EQ provides ideal sound at all volumes
Acoustically tuned handcrafted enclosure
Powerful high fidelity Class A-B stereo amplifier
Ruark NS+ neodymium full range drivers
Stereo+ sound processing
Adjustable bass and treble settings
Intuitive Ruark RotoDial controller
Remote control with direct access presets included

Presets to store favourite stations and playlists – 8 per source
Full control and search with free Oktiv control app
USB-C port for MP3 playback and phone charging
Switchable analogue and digital inputs for aux devices
Multilingual UI (EN, DA, NL, FR, DE, IT, NO, PL, ES, SV)
Analogue stereo output
Active subwoofer output
Headphone output memorises last used volume
Auto dimming high contrast display
Automatic standby after 20 minutess of inactivity
Power adapter: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz input, 14VDC 2.85A output
Dimensions: H167 × W420 × D220mm including RotoDial and aerial
Weight: 5.3kg

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