Marantz MODEL 50 Premium Integrated Stereo Amplifier with 70W and Custom HDAM




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แบรนด์ : Marantz


MODEL 50 is the ideal integrated amplifier. With 70 watts per channel of unique Marantz current- feedback power and HDAM SA-3 circuitry, this amplifier drives loudspeakers with total control.
** Powerful and Precise Class A/B Amplifier
Even difficult to drive loudspeakers will sound effortless with the high- current, dual-device amplifier in MODEL 50.
** Six Analog Inputs
With a collection of available analog inputs, MODEL 50 can accept audio from myriad source components and includes upgraded connectors for CD and phono.
** Moving Magnet Phono
The built-in MM phono stage works with your turntable to amplify the nuance and tone in your records. Using a new circuit without distortion-inducing coupling capacitors.
** Stereo Preamp Out
MODEL 50’s stereo preamp outputs add valuable flexibility to your audio system setup. Connect a subwoofer, add channels to your home theater, or multiply listening zones—the possibilities are endless.

• Classic Marantz sound in modern luxury design
• 70W per channel
• Low distortion and unparalleled musicality
• High-quality MM Phono stage for vinyl sources
• Perfect in combination with CD 50n for access to digital audio sources
• Elegant design features, incl. Marantz's iconic porthole display
• Remote control works with both MODEL 50 and CD 50n
• Marantz five-year warranty

Marantz Model 50

Marantz Model 50 is the ideal combination of classic Marantz sound quality and today's luxury design. Inspired by the acclaimed Marantz Model 40n, this amplifier is for those seeking the same warm and dynamic sound reproduction from a fully analog integrated amplifier.

With 70W per channel, Marantz Model 50 combines the best of both worlds - modern design and exceptional musicality. The power is delivered from a Class A/B amplifier in combination with Marantz's renowned HDAM SA-3 circuitry (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module), enabling Model 50 to offer an unmatched combination of low distortion and effortless power.

Marantz Model 50's pure analog configuration, including a high-quality MM Phono stage, also ensures outstanding performance with vinyl sources. When connected to CD-50N, Model 50 also gains access to a wide range of digital audio sources, all delivered in the highest quality.

Marantz Model 50 and CD 50n are both ideal upgrades for any existing Hi-Fi system, but they were also designed to work in perfect harmony with each other. The refined design reflects Marantz's ongoing pursuit of luxurious, top-class audio experiences. And with the included remote control that operates both components, user-friendliness is at its best.

Output Power: 2 x 70W (RMS), 8 Ohm
Number of channels: 2
Frequency range: 5 - 100.000 Hz
Inputs: 6x Analogue stereo (5x RCA, 1x Phono)
Inputs front: 1x Headphone
Outputs: 1x Dedikeret subwoofer udgang 1x preout
Dimensions, product (LxWxH): 44,2 x 43,1 x 13 cm.
Net weight: 14,2 kg.

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