Marantz CD50n Premium CD and Network Audio Player with HEOS Built-in and HDMI ARC




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The modern digital engine in the CD 50n reveals the finest details in high-resolution recordings available today, with HEOS® Built-in allowing you to enjoy digital audio experiences from any source.
Unveil New Sounds in Classic CDs

The Marantz CD50 is for those who cherish their CD collections and who seek to discover new details upon every listen.

Luxurious Design Matches The Most Musical Sound

Architectural design, modern materials, and intuitive operation make the Marantz CD50 as incredible to behold as to hear.

Pairs Beautifully with Marantz Amplifiers

Complementary visual design plus compatible technology make the Marantz CD50 a natural companion to MODEL 50, MODEL 30, or other Marantz amplifiers.

Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules

To preserve the detail, nuance, and essence of the music you love, Marantz developed HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules), which are superior in their speed and response to off-the-shelf modules found in other products. The Marantz CD50 leverages this unique Marantz innovation to ensure whatever you’re listening to is always the most musical.

Optimized HDAM Circuit

In the Marantz CD50, the proprietary HDAM circuit has been further optimized from its previous version by placing the parts symmetrically on the audio board and creating a more direct signal path. This update improves the sound stage from the previous models in pursuit of The Most
Musical Sound.

High-Current Power Supply

The Marantz CD50 power supply uses high-speed, high-current Schottky barrier diodes, higher value current storage capacitors, and improved voltage regulators compared to predecessor models in this class.
Oversize capacitors in the power supply improve current stability and reduced noise during highly demanding listening sessions.

Plays Hi-Res Audio USB Sources

The Marantz CD50 can playback MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV, FLAC HD, ALAC, AIFF (up to 192-kHz/24bit), and DSD (up to 5.6- MHz) files from a connected USB storage device.

Reference-Quality Digital-to-Analog Conversion

The Marantz CD50 features a new hi-res D/A conversion. It is equipped with a reference class digital to analog converter, offering two selectable filter options. It provides up to 192kHz/24-bit and DSD 5.6MHz resolution for optimum musical fidelity with tight bass, rich midrange, and smooth extended high frequencies.

Customizable Digital Filter

The Marantz CD50 features a selectable digital filter option. This two-mode filter allows customized reproduction of digital music content to your taste. Filter 1 is a slow roll-off preset that improves deep stereo imaging, while Filter 2 is a
sharp roll-off filter for more precise imaging reproduction.

High-Performance Headphone Amplifier

The Marantz CD50 inherits the exclusive Marantz HDAM-SA2 circuit with three gain settings (Low/Mid/High) for a perfect match with almost any brand of headphones for an optimal solo listening experience.
However, if you prefer, the headphone amp is also equipped with an “Off Circuit” function that automatically turns off the headphone amplifier when a headphone is not connected to the unit to avoid any unwanted interference or

Full-System Remote Control

Use the remote control to operate Marantz CD50 as well as complementary MODEL 50 integrated streaming amplifier or MODEL 30 integrated amplifier.

Tuned with Passion

Performance is enhanced in this generation with exquisite details and musicality. New high-performance component choices, an evolution of our legendary HDAM circuit, and careful validation by our Sound Master result in our finest CD player ever in this class.

Frequency Response

USB DSD: 2Hz - 50kHz (-3dB)
USB PCM: 2Hz - 50kHz (-1.5dB)
CD: 2Hz - 20kHz

Harmonic distortion

USB DSD: 0.0006%
USB PCM 24bit: 0.0005%
CD: 0.0015%

Signal to Noise

USB DSD: 110dB
USB PCM 24bit: 118dB
CD: 118dB

Dynamic range

USB DSD: 110dB
USB PCM 24bit: 118dBCD: 101dB

Line Output Level: 2.2Vrms

Headphone Output Level: 28mW / 32 ohms

Power Consumption

Powered on: 38W
Standby: 0.3W

Output Circuit: New HDAM + HDAM-SA2

Headphone Circuit: High slew rate op-amp + HDAM-SA2

H/P Amp Gain Setting: Yes (Low / Mid / High)

Disc Type

CD-R (MP3 & WMA)

Fixed Analog Output (RCA): 1 (Gold Plated)

Optical input / output (Maximum Support): 0 / 1

Coaxial input / output (Maximum Support): 0 / 1

Headphone Output: 1

Remote Control Bus Terminal

Yes (RC-5 In / Out)
w/ External / Internal Select Switch


1 (Front)
Mass Storage Class

Supported Audio File (USB)

MP3: Yes
WMA: Yes
AAC: Yes
WAV: Yes (~192kHz/24bit)
FLAC: Yes (~192kHz/24bit)
ALAC: Yes (~96kHz/24bit)
AIFF: Yes (~196kHz/24bit)
DSD (DIFF / DSF): Yes (~5.6MHz)

DSD Native Playback: Yes

What’s In The Box

Remote Control
Batteries (AAA x2)
Power Cord
Stereo RCA Cable x1
Remote Connector Cable x1
Owner’s Manual
Quick Start Guide

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