ARCAM A25 Integrated Amplifier


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ARCAM A25 Integrated Amplifier

The ARCAM A25 is the best sounding, and most feature rich of our Radia Integrated amplifiers. The visual luxurious highlights hint towards the more luxurious musical experience that it offers.

This is achieved with a 5th generation Class G amplifier design. You can expect the best sound quality and dynamics from what has always been a better sounding, and more efficient Class of amplifier. New components and materials have been painstakingly analysed and reviewed to ensure uncompromising sound performance.

The rich feature set includes a USB-C input for your laptop, be it PC, MAC or Raspberry Pie! This augments a Bluetooth solution that includes Qualcomm AptX Adaptive technology with 24-bit HD audio to ensure the best sound quality no matter what you are playing. It can also connect to Bluetooth headphones so your listening experience can continue sensitively after dark.

Like any ARCAM integrated amplifier, we pay particular attention to the built in phono stage to ensure your records sound as lush and engaging as possible.

ARCAM Class G amplification - for ultra-low distortion
100W per channel (8Ω) - powers loudspeakers effortlessly. 
Bluetooth with aptX™ Adaptive Technology - for the best sound with the most convenience
Specially selected components and materials - to deliver on sound quality
Wired or Wireless Headphones - connect your headphones for quiet listening with, or without wires
All new Radia design - Purposeful yet playful
MM phono stage - ready for Turntables
Hi-Res Digital Audio Inputs - with the addition of USB-C for ultra Hi-Res audio
Plastic Free Packaging - for easy disposal of natural materials

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