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HiFi ROSE RS520 All in One Network Player DAC and Amplifier




หมวดหมู่ : HiFi Rose

แบรนด์ : HiFi Rose


The RS520 is an all-in-one streamer with integrated network player, DAC
and amplifier and offers a modern design and a particularly high-quality
The DAC and amplifier module incorporates the ES9038PRO DAC used in the
HiFi ROSE flagship RS150B and Class AD amplifier module developed using
the new GaN FET material and already featured in the exceptionally
innovative high-end RA180 integrated amplifier used.

Integral aluminum housing
The product combines the key features of existing all-in-one streamers
into one device, based on the design know-how and features that
HiFi-ROSE has accumulated over many years. Manufactured with liberal use
of high-strength 6000-class aluminum, the RS520's body is manufactured
using an all-in-one process, with four sides produced as one piece. This
manufacturing process is the ideal way to fundamentally block
vibrations that can occur between individual parts, significantly
reducing microphonic effects that can degrade sound quality.

12.6 inch wide LCD touch screen
The high standard of HiFi ROSE is also emphasized by the generous
multi-touch LCD screen with a wide viewing angle. With a size of 309 x
82.9 mm and an LCD panel with a resolution of 1920*515, the operation of
the RS520 is smooth and child's play.

The RS520 features the ES9038PRO, ESS Technology's flagship DAC chip.
This converter chip has an extremely low total harmonic distortion
(THD+N) of -122dB and a dynamic range (DNR) of 140dB, making it arguably
the best DAC chip in the industry today. The maximum sampling frequency
and bit rate is PCM 768kHz/32bit, and DSD is supported up to DSD512.
The ES9038PRO significantly reduces software implementation time
compared to previous generations of converters, and is also equipped
with ESS technology's exclusive jitter canceller, which ensures
exceptional clock stability.

GaN based class AD amplifier
In order to design a perfect Class D amplifier, switching speed and
accuracy must be guaranteed. However, due to the limitations of silicon
FETs, linearity is weak compared to Class-A or Class-AB, limiting the
ability to produce natural sounds. The RS520's Class AD amplifier uses a
new GaN (gallium nitride) material FET to reduce "dead time" by 1/3 and
maximize linearity. The result is a powerful 250W per channel of power
with HiFi-ROSE's Class AD amplifier, which maximizes operating speed and
accuracy to achieve the ideal Class D amplifier structure.

Discrete OPAMP
The discrete operational amplifier developed by HiFi ROSE is used in the
current/voltage conversion, which is essential for current DACs.
HiFi-ROSE focused on high open-loop gain and aimed for low open-loop
distortion, low noise, low drift and low offset. Also, this op amp has a
wide bandwidth and power supply range, necessary for high-quality
analog audio amplification and adding depth to the sound. It reproduces
the vividness of the deep bass and treble as in a live performance and
makes the resonance of the inter-band connection very pleasant.

Field Effect Transistors are used in the input stage and the Class AB
amplification method ensures consistent audio quality and minimizes heat
build-up. Another pair of matched output transistors is combined with
an emitter follower stage. This arrangement ensures high drive current
and low output impedance, reducing the load on the voltage booster stage
and strengthening the speaker's driving power.

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