Cyrus i7-XR integrated amplifier


SKU : CY-003

หมวดหมู่ : CYRUS

แบรนด์ : CYRUS


The i7-XR is everything that the i9-XR is but with a reduced output of 2 x 52W into 6Ω, which will still power some hefty floor standers. With the same number of analogue and digital inputs, the i7 can again support whatever your preferred source is, in fact the only connection missing is the ability to plug in the PSU-XR power supply.

The i7-XR integrated amplifier performs consistently above its price bracket since it launched and has been receiving rave reviews from around the globe.


Every product in the XR Series has been developed from the ground up, with the i7-XR benefiting from our 2nd generation DAC QXR, which has had the reconstruction filters re-designed completely and the surrounding power supplies have also benefitted from clever design to dramatically lower noise and enhance dynamic range. The result is a DAC that re-constructs the analogue signal with incredible accuracy and precision, allowing it to extract every nuance of musical information, revealing layers and depth, which will have you digging out those old favorites to hear them like never before.

2 x 52W into 6 Ω / twin speaker outputs
4 x Analogue inputs
1 x Phono MM input
2 x Optical inputs
2 x Coaxial digital inputs
1 x Asynchronous USB input
1 x Analogue preamplifier out
1 x Headphone output - 2 x 138mW into 16 Ω (<0.1% THD)

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