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Cambridge Audio EVO75 All-in-One Player 75W/ch


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”This premium just-add-speakers streaming system is a beauty.”
’What Hi-Fi?’ – 5 Star review.

One system does it all

An evolution in sound and style, the Evo 75 brings your music sources together, in style. A comprehensive range of streaming options, via wi-fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth let you stream music your way. There’s also a range of connections for your TV, games console, CD player and other sources. Add in the punchy 75 watt amp and you have a classic all-rounder.

Punchy sound

Powered by a punchy 75 watt Hypex Ncore amp, the Evo 75 is around twice as powerful as the average compact hi-fi system. Matched to an ESS Sabre ES9016K2M DAC this gives excellent levels of resolution and crystal-clear clarity.


Based around Cambridge Audio’s award-winning StreamMagic platform, the Evo 75 delivers a seamless streaming experience. TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect and Qobuz are built-in (premium account may be required for full functionality). StreamMagic works with Hi-res music files, including MQA-powered TIDAL Masters. The StreamMagic system also works alongside Roon, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, letting you decide the system you want to stream music.

Two-way Bluetooth

Two-way Bluetooth lets you pair your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device and stream in high quality aptX HD Bluetooth. It also lets you receive a Bluetooth signal back to your Bluetooth headphones – giving you a completely wireless listening experience.

Connect digital

A wide range of digital inputs lets you connect all you home entertainment. Use the HDMI ARC to plug in your TV and feed it with your games console, Blu-ray/DVD player or set-top TV box, connected via the optical and coaxial digital inputs. There’s also a handy USB input that’s ideal for your USB media device.

Connect analogue

A classic RCA AUX input lets you connect any line level analogue source, such as a tuner or cassette deck. It’s also ideal for a CD player that’s not equipped with a digital output.

Dimensions (W x H x D)
317 x 89 x 352mm

5.0 kg

What's in the box
Evo 75 All-in-One Player, Quick Start Guide, Safety Guide, Remote Control, Mains Lead, 2 x AAA Batteries, Customisable Side Panels x 2

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