MAGNETAR UDP900 UHD Blu-ray Player


SKU : MT-002

หมวดหมู่ : MAGNETAR

แบรนด์ : MAGNETAR


The latest designed 6-layer gold immersion main PCB circuit adopts high-precision, ultra-low noise TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillator doubling the high precision LDO power supply processing on the UDP800. Murata multilayer ceramic capacitor TDK magnetic devices and 30 NCC electrolytic capacitors further improves audio and video quality.Both audio boards use 4-layer PCB circuit boards, each channel is designed with independent wiring,equipped with high precision, ultra-low phase noise TCXO temperature compensated crystal, oscillator, numerous ELNA, NCC audio capacitors pairing with Red WIMA, ELNA SILMIC II capacitors, and independent high-power linear power supply module equipped wot Hi-Fi XLR balanced terminals and gold plated RCA outputs providing for better Audiophile sound quality.

UDP900 supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ high dynamic image standards. ESS9038PRO D/A decoding for 2-channel XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs, ESS9028PRO D/A decoding for 7.1 RCA output.Support for XMOS USB Audio input.

UDP900 Dimensions: 445x321x133mm(including feet), weight 15.5kg, adopts an all-aluminum alloy body and a reinforced double layer chassis structure, the internal main components are independently shielded by metal casing, greatly reducing vibration, noise and external magnetic field interference, bringing pure and high-resolution audio and video quality.

ustomized high power switching power supply with high transient response provides power for the digital main board section, 60W high-power low noise transformer with a two-stage filter design along with a multitude of Japanese Rubycon electrolytic capacitors are used to meet the high transient response required by surround sound systems and high-resolution audio. A separate metal case dampens noise providing stability and quietness,further enhancing the audio and video quality.

Disc type

UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, AVCHD,SACD, CD, Kodak Picture CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R DL, BD-R/RE


Analog Audio Output: 7.1chanel RCA, 2-channel RCA and Balanced XLR
Digital Audio Output: Optical, Coaxial, HDMI
Support up to 7.1 channel 192kHz PCM, 5.1 Channel DSD
HDMI Video Output: 4K / 1080P / 1080I / 720P / 576P / 576I / 480P / 480I

Analog audio characteristics

Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz (±03dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥120dB(2CH RCA); ≥130dB(2CH XLR)
Distortion plus noise: ≤0005%
Output amplitude: (RCA) 2. 1±2Vrms. (XLR) 4.2±0.4Vrms
Dynamic range: ≥120dB(2CH RCA); ≥130dB(2CH XLR)
Channel resolution: ≥110dB(2CH RCA); ≥140dB(2CH XLR)

General specification

Power supply: AC 110-120V ~ 50/60Hz / AC 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <40W, Standby<0.5W
Dimensions: 445 x 321 x 133 mm
Operating Temperature: 5°C~ 35°C (41°F ~ 95°F)
Operating Humidity: 15% – 75%


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