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iFi Zen Stream Wi-Fi audio transport


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iFi ZEN Stream
is a true ground-up design by iFi — the hardware and software implementation is quite exceptional:
Two SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports
Active Noise Cancellation II
S/PDIF out with the iPurifier built-in
iFi software developed with Volumio open-source as the starting
point, then coded and optimised by us to achieve the purest streaming
software bar none
These are some of the factors behind why the
ZEN Stream
is at the cutting-edge handling PCM384/DSD256 on LAN
WiFi (802.11n, with 100Mbps on 5Ghz).
ZEN Stream
has one of the most
software platforms in the world.
From the device’s drivers, to the kernel (the heart of the operating
system), to the shell (which interfaces with the kernel), to the
applications and the user interface — everything is fully optimised for
seamless operation and excellent sonic performance.
An ingenious part of the
ZEN Stream’s
design is the
ability to select between ‘Exclusive’ modes – individual settings
dedicated to specific modes of operation to deliver the purest possible
performance. All other programs are shut down – to minimise ‘software
jitter’ — an often overlooked aspect that negatively impacts the quality
of computer audio playback.
Hot off the press, the
ZEN Stream
has the following connectivity options:
Stream straight from Spotify/Tidal apps with Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect
Works with any DLNA certified streaming app (our own app is imminent!)
Integrated Airplay and Chromecast* – easy streaming from Apple and Android devices
ROON Ready functionality to be added in a future update.
NAA operation in conjunction with
Sygnalist’s HQPlayer
This ensures that the
ZEN Stream
is not merely a ‘jack of all trades’, but a master of all too.
All-in-one (AIO) covers all modes
Roon only – feature coming soon – ROON ready
Tidal streaming
NAA streaming
DLNA streaming

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