Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation


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Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation
Powered wireless music system with Bluetooth®, Apple AirPlay® 2 and Google Chromecast

High-performance speaker drivers
The Mu-so 2nd Generation features six custom-designed built-in speakers for full, accurately detailed sound. It has two silk dome tweeters for clear highs, two dedicated drivers for articulate midrange, and two oval bass drivers in a ported enclosure for clean, robust lows.

Each speaker is powered by its own 75-watt Class D amplifier, ensuring minimal cross-interference and finely detailed sound. And with 450 watts total system power, that sound can easily fill even large rooms without distortion.
A powerful processor for speedy performance

The system features a multicore digital signal processor (DSP) that provides 2,000 MIPS (million instructions per second), more than 10 times faster than the original Mu-so's processor. The result is better audio accuracy and detail. A new limiter algorithm carefully controls the movement of each of the speaker drivers at high volume levels. This prevents the speakers from being overdriven to keep the sound clean and accurate, even when you crank up your music.
Multi-room audio with the Naim app

The Naim mobile app lets you control up to five Mu-so speakers or compatible Naim components to create a multi-room audio system via your home Wi-Fi® network.

Group your connected speakers so that the same song plays throughout the house, or only on certain speakers. Or play a different song from a different source in each room. You can also build playlists with the app, and browse thousands of internet radio stations.
Compatible with Apple AirPlay 2

Built-in Apple AirPlay 2 technology lets you stream audio directly from your iPhone®, iPad®, or Mac® computer. That includes soundtracks from YouTube® videos and Netflix movies. And with the Naim app on your Apple portable, you can use Rovi to discover new music and artists based on those you already like.

If you subscribe to Apple Music®, you can do even more. Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV 4K to control Apple Music with voice commands. Tell it what selection or playlist to play — and which compatible speakers or components you want it to play through.
Google Chromecast built-in

The Mu-so 2nd Generation has Google Chromecast built-in. That means you can wirelessly join it to other Chromecast built-in speakers on your Wi-Fi network to create a multi-room wireless audio system. With the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet, you can call up playlists and access streaming services such as Spotify Premium, TIDAL, Pandora®, Google Play Music, Tunein, and iHeartRadio.

If you want to go hands-free and app-free, add a Google Assistant voice controller. That way, you can control your Mu-so 2nd Generation by simply saying, "OK Google, play Pat Metheny in the den."
Execptional design

The Mu-so 2nd Generation has an elegant anodized aluminum casing with extruded heat sinks to keep the system running cool. Its fully redesigned cabinet features rigid bracing to eliminate sound-muddying vibrations.

The top-mounted touch-sensitive dial and buttons provide an extraordinary amount of control. It's easy to adjust volume, or play, pause and skip tracks. You can also cycle through input sources, directly access favorite presets, create a group of zones with other Naim products, and more.
Roon-compatible for serious music lovers

The Mu-so 2nd Generation is also compatible with Roon, a subscription digital music player for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It gives you multi-room audio playback for all your Chromecast-compatible devices and more. Roon accesses your digital music collection from your iTunes library or NAS drive. It also works with your TIDAL subscription. Roon lets you do deep dives into your music, showing artist bios, photos, reviews, and lyrics. Roon can also suggest other artists and songs based on your selections, making it easy to discover new music you'll enjoy.
Product highlights:

built-in Wi-Fi® for wireless music streaming when connected to a home network
plays MP3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, AIFF, OGG, WMA, and WAV audio files
high-resolution playback up to 24-bit/384kHz resolution
supports DSD files at 2.8MHz (DSD64) or 5.6MHz (DSD128)
Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless streaming with compatible devices
Apple AirPlay 2 for streaming music from an iPhone, iPod, or computer's iTunes®
Google Chromecast built-in lets you stream content via the cloud with compatible apps
Universal Plug 'n' Play (UPnP) high-resolution streaming
two 1" silk dome tweeters, two 2-1/2" custom midrange drivers, two 5-1/4" x 3" oval woofers
each driver has its own 75 watt Class D amplifier (450 watts total system power)
rigid, vibration-resistant bass-reflex cabinet

Naim control app:

free download from Apple App® store and Google Play
control playback, volume, and EQ
connect to compatible Naim wireless speakers and components
remotely access music stored on your PC or NAS drive
access streaming music services such as Spotify Connect, TIDAL, and internet radio stations
group linked speakers to play the same song simultaneously, or control each individually
discover new music with Rovi search
24-3/4"W x 4-13/16"H x 10-7/16"D
weight: 24.7 lbs.

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