Devialet Gemini True Wireless Earbuds


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Devialet Gemini True Wireless Earbuds
ANC | Transparency mode | 5Hz - 20kHz

Devialet Gemini provides superior, immersive sound thanks to adaptive signal tweaking that automatically fits your music to your ear shape. Add in Devialet's proprietary Active Noise Cancellation and enjoy a truly rich and enveloping listening experience.

Need to talk? These earbuds are intelligent enough to actively filter out ambient noise while focusing in on the 300-3000 Hz frequency range, revealing all the nuances of the human voice.

Three dedicated modes that cover every situation: Active Noise Cancellation, Neutral, or Transparency. And three levels of intensity (Low/High/Plane).

1 Full-range per earbud
Digital to Analog Converter
THD: <0.1% 1kHz, 94dB
Speaker Driver
Custom high-excursion | Diameter : 10mm
Channel Output
Voice Call
1 dedicated microphone for voice transmission | Push-to-talk Voice assistant: Siri & Google Assistant
Earbud Battery
Up to 6 hours of autonomy on a single charge
Earbud Charging Time
1.5 hours for a full charge
Charging Case Battery
Up to 24 hours of autonomy

Earbud: L: 33 mm | W: 18mm | H: 15 mm
Charging case: L: 74 mm | W: 58 mm | H: 31 mm
Earbud: 8g
Charging case: 76g

Connection to a device: via Bluetooth 5.0 BLE/2.4GHz
Case compatible with Qi technology (inductive charging)
Download the Gemini app to choose your settings and fully customize your experience.
What's in the box
2 earbuds
1 charging case
1 charging cable
1 quickstart
1 set of ear tips to fit all sizes (XS/S/M/L) with M size already on the earbuds
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