iFi Zen Air Phono MM/MC Phono Preamplifier


SKU : IF-023

หมวดหมู่ : iFi

แบรนด์ : iFi


With the Zen Air Phono, iFi Audio offers an affordable yet powerful

phono preamplifier. It will allow you to connect your turntable at the

input and your amplifier at the output to enjoy your favorite records in

high quality. A good phono preamplifier is a must for any vinyl lover

and the Zen Air Phono is an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy

quality sound reproduction at a low price.


The Zen Air Phono fits all vinyl turntables,

being compatible with both MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil)

cells. A switch on the back of the device allows you to select the type

of cell your turntable is equipped with. Moreover, the preamplifier has

an RIAA equalization to satisfy the most demanding vinyl lovers.

Subsonic filter

The subsonic

filter built into the iFi Audio Zen Air Phono eliminates vibration noise

that may be related to the condition of the record.


Supply voltage5VDC 1A (USB-A to DC jack cable included, AC adapter sold separately)Consumption< 1.8WDimensions158 x 117 x 35mmWeight320gProduct typePhono preamplifierInput1x Stereo RCAOutput1x Stereo RCACompatible cartridge typeMM

MCFrequency response20Hz-20kHz (±0.15dB)Channel separation> 75dB (1kHz, all modes)Max output voltage6.5V RMS 600Ω (< 1% THD+N)GainMM : 40dB

MC : 64dBInput impedanceMM : 47kΩ

MC : 1kΩOutput impedance100ΩSNRMM (40dN ±1dB) : 86dB (A-Weighted) re 1V

MC (64dB ±1dB) : 82dB (A-Weighted) re 1VEquivalent input noiseMM : -130dBV (A-Weighted)

MC : -151dBV (A-Weighted)THDMM : < -90dB / 0.005% re 1V

MC : < -80dB / 0.01% re 1V
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