Klipsch RP-500C II Center speaker (Ebony)


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หมวดหมู่ : Klipsch

แบรนด์ : Klipsch


Big center channel sound effects
If you're fleshing out a Klipsch Reference Premiere home theater system, the new RP-500C II is a definite contender for the center channel spot. The freshly updated Reference Premiere line has a slew of new features that take classic Klipsch sound to new heights. The RP-500C II has an updated tweeter, better woofers, and a ported enclosure.

Updated tweeter and horn design
Your center channel speaker is your home theater system's lifeline. It reproduces almost all the dialogue in a film or TV show. It's important to get a center channel speaker that can dish out voices and explosions with equal detail. Klipsch made a few tweaks to the RP-500C II's tweeter and horn to make center channel effects sound as clear and precise as possible. 

The 1" LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) tweeter features a vented housing to reduce standing waves that can compromise sound quality. The hallmark Tractrix® horn it's housed in has a widened mouth for better soundstaging and directivity. The horn also sports a soft silicone face and a unique phase plug to keep the highs smooth and non-fatiguing. 

Better driver motors for engaging sound
There is a 5-1/4" Ceremetallic™ woofer on either side of the central tweeter. The woofers give center channel sound effects like explosions some punch and help reproduce voices in lower registers. Metallic woofers aren't anything new for Klipsch speakers, but the company has made significant improvements to the motor structures behind the cones.

Each woofer uses a 70% larger voice coil for greater control, speed, and accuracy. The woofers also have new aluminum shorting rings that help reduce distortion and let the drivers handle a bit more power. 

A ported cabinet for deeper bass
The 500C II's cabinet has a rear-firing Tractrix port that helps deepen the speaker's bass response. The port's horn shape promotes more efficient airflow in and out of the cabinet, minimizing port noise and low-frequency distortion.

Where and how you place your center channel speaker is important. Since this speaker uses a ported cabinet, you don't want to place it up against a wall or the back of your entertainment center. Instead, I recommend giving the speaker some "breathing room" by pulling it away from your wall. The speaker's bass response will thank you.


1" LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) titanium diaphragm tweeter with Tractrix® horn
dual 5-1/4" Cerametallic™ cone woofers
frequency response: 60-25,000 Hz (± 3dB)
sensitivity: 96 dB
power handling: up to 100 watts RMS
impedance: 8 ohms
bass-reflex design with rear-firing Tractrix port
magnetic grille protects drivers and looks stylish
furniture-grade ebony vinyl with scratch-resistant design and satin-painted baffles
aluminum binding post speaker terminals with audiophile-grade internal speaker wiring
cork pads on bottom add stability and security while helping decouple the speaker from surfaces
dimensions (measured by Crutchfield): 19-7/16"W x 6-15/16"H x 10-9/16"D
weight: 18 lbs.

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