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140 watts x 2 into 6 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at

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A low-profile design with plenty of power
The Devialet Expert 140 Pro Stereo is a minimalist audiophile's dream. Its sleek low-profile chassis — just over an inch and a half tall — generates an impressive 140 watts per channel, plenty to drive the most demanding speakers. Proprietary technology, clever amplifier design, and flexible user interface software make it a unique centerpiece for a top-notch two-channel setup.

Hybrid amplifier technology
ADH® combines Class A and Class D amplification technology for distortion-free performance at all power levels. Signal passes through a Class A voltage amplifier to reduce distortion, then on to a Class D current amplifier designed for high gain. Devialet's engineers also made sure heat dissipates quickly, so you can listen louder and longer. 

Smart setup with the configurator
Devialet's online setup utility is called the configurator. It allows you to create up to three system configurations, save them on the included SD card, and upload them to your machine. It's a fun interactive tool that lets you dial in cartridge loading for the phono preamp, custom crossover filters for specific speakers, and other vital settings.

One of the coolest options is the ability to configure AXD®, Devialet's proprietary digital signal processing technology. The company partnered with some of the world's best-known speaker manufacturers to create an exciting feature known as SAM® (Speaker Active Matching). SAM uses active crossover filtering to tailor the receiver's signal to match brand-specific speaker profiles, for maximum performance.  

Phono settings can be similarly specific, with pre-loaded profiles for most cartridges, listed by brand and model.

Convenient connections
The 140 Pro is compact, but it doesn't skimp on inputs. There's a Toslink digital optical input, and two dedicated S/PDIF digital coaxial inputs. If that's not enough, the inputs for the phono stage an also double as a pair of additional coaxial digital inputs, or as an analog RCA stereo line input. If you store high-res files on your computer, the Type-B USB input on the back panel will let you connect that, too.

Speakers can be connected via a pair of binding posts that also accept banana plugs.

Product highlights:
140 watts x 2 into 6 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at <0.0005% THD
efficient hybrid amplifier offers the best of Class A and Class D technology
signal to noise ratio: 130dB
built-in Wi-Fi creates a strong dual-band wireless connection
stream music via Spotify® Connect, Apple® AirPlay® and UPnP
online configurator tool with manufacturer-specific speaker profiles lets you dial in custom settings
can be configured as a monoblock amp
remote included
Type-B USB input for connecting a computer
Ethernet port for connecting to a local network
Toslink optical input for connecting a digital source
two digital coaxial inputs (digital 1 & 2)
phono stage input for connecting a turntable with moving magnet or moving coil cartridgedoubles as an RCA stereo analog line input
each input can also function as a digital coaxial input (digital 3 & 4)
SD card slot for configuration and setup (card included)
mini optical input is reconfigurable as an RS-232 port for remote triggering
one pair of binding post outputs for connecting speakers via bare wire or banana plug
Dimensions and warranty:
15-1/8"W x 1-5/8"H x 15-1/8"D
weight: 12.45 lbs.

What's in the box:
Devialet Expert 140 Pro owner's manual

Integrated amplifier
AC power cord
Remote control
Three "AAA" batteries
Pair of gloves
Cleaning cloth
User Manual
Warranty Booklet

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