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The Planar 2 was developed over two years alongside the latest Planar 3. Featuring the RB220 tonearm, a new 24 V, low noise motor, acrylic high gloss laminated plinth, newly designed central bearing and so much more. Every feature of this innovative new turntable is designed to extract the maximum amount of information and detail from your vinyl collection.

The RB220 tonearm is packed with groundbreaking new features designed to enhance performance and make setup extremely simple. The RB220 incorporates Rega designed ultra-low friction bearings (Patent Pending), housed within a brand new, stiffer and lightweight bearing housing. This was developed with new updated adjustable bias (as of Autumn 2020) allowing greater flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of cartridges The new housing also includes an integrated arm clip and uses Rega’s latest custom aluminium arm tube.

Central Bearing Housing
11 mm self securing brass bearing (Patent Pending) offering improved fit and less stress on the bearing preventing the transfer of potential energy.
Acrylic gloss Skin Plinth / Walnut Effect laminate
High gloss acrylic or walnut effect laminated plinth, stiffer and vastly improved appearance with ergonomically positioned power switch.
Rega Motor
New 24 V low noise, low vibration motor assembly and new PCB.
New float glass ‘Optiwhite’ 10 mm – Improved accuracy platter.
Re-designed feet - new improved foot assembly to increase stability and reduce vibration transfer.
Rega Carbon cartridge supplied as standard on all Planar 2s for simple plug and play convenience.
Dust Cover
Supplied as standard / optional lid - plinth protectors - supplied to prevent marks on the plinth and keep it looking its best. Walnut effect finish is supplied with the smoked dustcover as standard.
Simple Set Up
Easy to use multi-lingual quick start guide for easy set up.

RB220 precision tonearm
Optional: Rega Nd3 cartridge factory fitted option
Rega Carbon cartridge factory fitted
24 V low noise, low vibration motor
10 mm float glass opti-white platter
Walnut effect finish supplied with smoked dust cover as standard
Gloss finish supplied with clear dust cover as standard
Advanced EBLT drive belt fitted as standard from March 2021

Technical Specifications

TonearmHand assembled RB220 tonearm
Cartridge Factory fitted Carbon moving magnet cartridge
Motor 24 V low noise motor
Dimensions (lid closed) (W x H x D) 447 x 117 x 360 mm
Weight 5.5 kg

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